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Portable 98HP skiff with integrated power supply and bus.

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The Jumpskiff is a portable 98HP skiff with integrated power supply and bus.


It is made from lightweight and flexible materials including a PCB base (which doubles as the bus board) and side panels, acrylic end panels and aluminium rails.
The integrated power supply outputs 625mA at +/- 12V rails and 1A at the +5V. The bus board offers 14x IDC power connections.


  • Input: 15 – 20V AC
  • Output: +/-12V: 625mA, -5V: 1A
  • Width: 98 HP
  • Depth: 52 mm
  • Connectors: 14x IDC
  • All design and kit preparation with love in Barcelona


This is full kit that includes everything you need to build a complete Eurorack case, including Meanwell power supply, bus, rails and 70 x M3 sliding nuts.

Download Assembly Instructions.


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