Thonkiconn PJ301M-12 Jack


Vertical mount 3.5mm switching mono phone jack.

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Thonkiconn (PJ301M-12) is a vertical mount 3.5mm switching mono phone jack.

The mechanism is identical to the ‘Erthenvar’ jack type (PJ301BM), it’s primary purpose is as a direct replacement of the popular Kobiconn 3.5mm jack but with a 100% vertically integrated footprint, i.e. no perpendicular ground pin. A really great bonus of these parts is they fit neatly into breadboard/stripboard/veroboard.

All materials used are RoHS compliant.

NOTE: Please refer to the notes about the PCB HOLE in the Thonkiconn Jack Datasheet.
It is advisable to drill a 3mm hole in the PCB directly under the jack barrel centre or avoid routing traces or ground plane in that area.


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