Fonitronik TH Controller LFO Panel + PCB set

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Fonitronik Thomas Henry Controller LFO Panel with 2 PCBs.

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This set includes 16hp Aluminium Panel and 2 PCBs – Control PCB & LFO PCB.

The Controller LFO is a very musical and playable LFO. It produces modulation that is very familiar to anyone familar with old school keyboard based monosynths and polysynths, in particular classic Roland designs. Check they video out below for a simple demo. The delayed and smoothly increasing modulation sound is controlled via a gate delay and lag feature, basically a VCA with slew.

The LFO Controller is a versatile analog synthesizer module used to alter audio frequencies,  create repetitive patterns, do tremolo effects, and so forth. As an LFO (low frequency oscillator),  it puts out control signals such as a sine, triangle, square, gate and trigger in the range of about
0.03Hz to 30Hz. It can also be accurately controlled by keyboard gate or trigger signals to create  such effects as delayed vibrato, repetitive envelopes, etc.

This module operates in four basic modes:

• Triggered or delayed mode
• Gated mode
• Footswitch mode
• Free-running mode

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